3D printed hand grip for Fujifilm XT-1

Just got a Fuji XT-1 and an loving it! The APS-C sized sensor, 5 analog dials, small size ave great lenses make it a great walk around camera. There are several additional hand grips available for the camera to make it easier to hold. This is especially important for those times when a larger lens is attached. I'll probably invest in the vertical grip eventually, but am on the fence about the hand grip. I thought it would be a good design and print project evoke I'm home sick (cough, sneeze, cough).

I started by finding an image of the bottom of the camera. Using the image as a guide, I drew the bottom of the camera (using Autodesk Inventor) and printed out a small sample to ensure the shape and holes were aligned properly. 

A few more revisions, and a good working version is printed. 

Will walk around with it for a week and will make more changes if needed!